Over 50 High Quality Electrax Presets!

Desire ElectraX Preset Bank

Elevate your loop making game with the ultimate ElectraX Preset Bank, for producers across all genres.

Note: Some presets require Electra3 to work properly, use of latest version recommended.

Desire ElectraX Preset Bank Cover
ElectraX Preset + One Shots

High Quality Sounds

For Producers, By Producers

50+ carefully custom designed ElectraX presets created by rly Beats and TROYVIXIOUS, along with 50+ one shots making this kit accessible to any and all producers.

Get a Taste of What's inside

Preview the Sounds

Expertly designed using ElectraX’s advanced triple oscillator and quad-synth system, each sound provides you with the ultimate control to create any sonic masterpiece you Desire.

Sample Beat 

Sample Loop #1

Sample Loop #2

Total Sounds
One Shots

Have the control you need

Over 50 One Shots Included

Gain total mastery over your music creation process. With every preset available as a professional-grade, high-resolution WAV one-shot sample, crafting your desired sound has never been easier.

Bell – XO

Keys – Lullaby

Pluck – On God

Synth – Godly

Desire ElectraX Preset Bank

50+ custom designed ElextraX patches created by rly Beats and TROYVIXIOUS, along with 50+ one shots to go along making this kit accessible to all producers.


Desire ElectraX Preset Bank