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Overgrown Lofi Collection

Gain access to a collection of Lofi essentials designed to bring natural and organic vibes to your productions.

Total Value: $130


Overgrown Lofi Collection

Hear the Kit in action

These sounds were recorded all over the UK, from Scotland in the north to London in the south. The natural recordings were combined in the studio with live instrumentation to create a truly unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds for your lofi productions. 

Beat by Fadedwave & Cibraa

Beat by Fadedwave & Cibraa

Organic sounds blended to make truly unique drums

These drum sounds were blended with natural field recordings to bring a unique liveliness to your beats.

Snare 8

Kick 15

Drum Loop 8

Overgrown Lofi Drum Loops and One Shots
Overgrown Lofi One Shot Collection

Live instrumental one-shots

Real instruments were recorded to create these one-shots to bring a natural, acoustic vibe to your productions.

Bass 2

Guitar 9

Keys 4

Natural ambiences recordings all over the UK

From cafes next to bustling sidewalks to quiet riversides in the forest, these recordings will bring a unique vibe to your beats that you’ve never heard before.

Coffee Shop


Overgrown Lofi Ambience Recordings

Get the Overgrown Lofi Collection worth $130

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Overgrown Lofi Collection

Total Value: $130

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